Whangarei’s FIRST Accredited ConstructSafe Testing Centre!

When we do things, we like to do things right. That’s why we became Whangarei’s first accredited ConstructSafe testing centre. Plus it sounds really cool. We’re the ones who can provide and supervise the ConstructSafe online testing, giving you and your employees or onsite contractors the qualifications standard which is fast becoming an industry standard.

What is ConstructSafe?

ConstructSafe is an initiative put forward by the Construction Safety Council of New Zealand, and we have to say, it’s working really well. Basically, ConstructSafe awards certificates of competency to those who pass the online test, in the form of a ConstructSafe Card. This card can be scanned by any employer, giving them an instant verification of competency. The system is designed to be flexible, straightforward, and instantly rewarding.

What’s the ConstructSafe Test like?

For those of you who have a deeply seated hatred of tests (we hear you) this should put your mind at ease: they’re all multiple choice questions. Now, you’ll still have to brush up on your skills knowledge (just to be on the safe side) but the good news is that ConstructSafe even provides an online learning framework, just to give you a helping hand. We know that you know what you’re doing. And you know that we know you know what you’re doing. But ConstructSafe takes this a step further: your ConstructSafe Card will let EVERYONE know.

That you know.

What you’re doing.

Where are the ConstructSafe Tests held?

Here’s another great thing about ConstructSafe Testing, even though we’re an accredited ConstructSafe Testing Centre, in actual fact, we can conduct these tests anywhere you like. We can bring the devices with us to your site, we can sit in your smoko room, we can even climb into your truck with you. It’s quick and painless, and will give you a standardised recognition of skill within your industry.

So the only question left is: why wouldn’t you do it?