Enable HR: Online Health & Safety and Human Resources

Whoever thought up Enable HR is a genius. Pure and simple. This online health and safety and human resources system is beautiful; it offers a subscription-based toolbox of HR and H&S documents that every employer needs to have, from contracts through to regulations and guidelines, Enable HR has it all. Of course, even though the concept is simple, and the tools are all there – like any online system, there will be teething issues. This is where we come in.

Online systems: offline support

Our lovely team here at Safety in Mind offer real-time support for this multifunctional subscription-based giant of an online system. We know how Enable HR works. We’ve used it, abused it, dismantled it, tested it to it’s limits, and come back as better people. We know what can go wrong, and we know how to fix things. We are also able to offer real, people-to-people training and implementation of the Enable HR systems, which may seem counter-intuitive (why pay for an online subscription AND a real-time training system?) however the reality is that human resources and health and safety are people-driven, and often a team will react more favourably to a human than a computer!

Workplace health & safety and HR systems from $75 per month

Yes really. Now we’re not saying that your subscription will be this low (it’s the oldest trick in the book, advertise the lowest option…) but it might well be. Everything depends on your unique needs and business structure. Honestly though, with the cost of workplace health and safety manuals these days, the affordability of Enable HR is real.

Contact us to learn more about the range of subscriptions on offer, and let us help you choose the best option for your needs.