Workplace Drug Testing

Workplace Drug Testing – care, compliance, confidentiality

We can’t emphasise the importance of having systems in place for alcohol and drug management, including regulations around workplace drug testing. This is a big issue in Northland, and New Zealand-wide. We’d love to say that it’s a necessary evil, but actually the high incidence of workplace drug use makes workplace drug testing simply necessary. Have you got a current drug and alcohol policy in place to protect your business and your staff? And if you have – what happens when you suspect an employee of being under the influence while on site? Who do you call? What steps do you take in that instant?

These are big concerns, and the danger to your employee and yourself can be very real.

Drug and Alcohol Policies and Procedures

Our team are experienced in creating effective workplace drug and alcohol policies. We assess your environment and your existing systems, and create a drug and alcohol policy that will work seamlessly within your company culture. We are not the police, and we are not a government agency. We are independent consultants who LISTEN first, and our first priority is to ensure that any drug and alcohol policy is realistic when put into practice.

Drug Testing: on-site and pre-employment tests and incident investigation

First of all – no one wants to create a culture of fear within a workplace. You don’t want your team to feel as though they’re under the microscope or constantly being watched. You don’t need to be a police state to remain safe: but in order to achieve this level of invisible drug enforcement, you need to have very clear policies, and most importantly, actual drug testing. Safety in Mind offers:

  • Workplace drug testing
  • Post incident testing
  • Pre-employment testing
  • Incident investigation
  • Due cause testing and investigation

Discrete, considerate, and professional drug testing

We understand the sensitive nature of drug testing within a workplace, that’s why we don’t come in like a battering ram, instead, we offer a discrete, confidential service that keeps everyone calm and respectful. We will never compromise your position, nor will we instigate any claims. You can rest assured that our drug testing services are completely confidential, and our results are fast and accurate.